Sábado, 01. Dezembro 2018, Hotel Gran Noble, One Day English Language Caoching

One Day English Language Coaching is an event to remember! Our first event happened in 2016 and the second was on December 9.2017 So many people had a great time and enjoyed themselves and learned a lot of different ways of learning English and at the same time learning valuable coaching tools for their everyday life!
So now after months and months of preparation Anthony Michael who is a Master Coach and member of the Brazilian Society of Coaching has been planning for the last 7 months the new and improved One Day English Language Coaching. The event will be hosted by Anthony Michael as well as 3 other American teachers especially trained for this event! The event will take your English to the next level and at the same time learn important tools to use in your everyday life.
Our last event was amazing as we had a wonderful group of students who until today talk and meet on WhatsApp remembering the good times they had at the One Day English Language Coaching. So, you will also make Networking with people that have the same needs as you! As I said this is an event to remember.
Let me show you the schedule of our event:

9:00 -9:30    Introduction
Staff will be introduced as well as all of the students

9:30 -11 :30        5 Steps to  Becoming a Confident English Speaker
Group work and activities with special coaching tips
On how to improve your English

Group work and activities with special coaching tips
On how to improve your English

11:30-12:15  Coffee Break
Time for Networking and a little break

12:15 – 13:45 Wheel of Competence
Learn how to create a Wheel of Competence and how it can help
You in your English studies as well as other aspects of your life

13:45 – 15:00 How to Create Positive Emotions
You will learn how to overcome obstacles in English as well as all
other parts of your life

15:00 – 16:15  Lunch

16:15 -18:00  Goals : How To Get Everything You Want
Learn How to make goals and reach them with these special

One Day English Language Caoching

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